Monday, May 09, 2011

Today's Random #MPFreebie - New Weird Australia

Yes, it's another trip Down Under for free music.  This time around, it's New Weird Australia that draws our attention.  NWA is a non-profit initiative (supported, in part, by the Australian government) promoting "new, eclectic and experimental Australian music."  Their latest sampler, "We Are After All Here," succeeds on all three counts.  I'd recommend this compiliation on purely break-your-routine grounds, but several tracks stand out; my FLFs (First-Listen Favorites) are Horoscope from NO ZU, Camryn Rothenbury's Racing Across the Void, and Cannibal Cod by Desfontane.

If you like We Are After All Here, hit the "Compliations" link at the top of the page; you'll find several more samplers with which to feed your eclectic side...

New Weird Australia, We Are After All Here | New Weird Australia.


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