Saturday, March 12, 2011

Aiport Delays/Cancellations - What's in Your Survival Kit?

I recently had one of those Flights From Hell(tm), in which a 45-minute layover became a 4-hour layover.  Of course, the canny business traveler is prepared for such things, even in these days of reduced baggage and carryons, which leads to the question - what's in YOUR travel survival kit?

After some discussion with friends on Twitter, we came up with the following list.  The idea is that this is stuff that fits in one's backpack or laptop bag, so that one doesn't have to carry yet another bag.  Our list:

  • Outlet splitter/USB charger (I like for this purpose) to share charging stations/outlets.
  • Playing cards
  • Pocket book of crosswords/sudoku (and, obviously, pens/pencils)
  • MP3 player/headphones/earphones (if you don't automatically carry that, as I do)
  • Peanuts/trailmix/granola bars, in case the delay extends past closing time for airport shops
  • Instant coffee/cocoa and/or vitamin drinks (such as Emergen-C)
  • Collapsible drinking cup (such as for example)

I already had most of these, but I'll be adding Emergen-C (thanks to @billmalchisky for the tip).  After being caught by an unplanned overnight stay last night (sans baggage), I took to adding an airline "amenity kit" (the ones received in business/first class) as well, since they include basic toiletries such as a toothbrush/toothpaste, earplugs, comb, eyeshades (useful if one wishes to nap in the terminal), socks...already packed in a delightfully small pouch.  All told, my "survival kit" occupies but one pocket of my traveling pack; the security is well worth the space.

What's in YOUR survival pack?

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