Friday, July 08, 2011

Tonight's Random #MPFreebie - Pop Suey

No, that isn't an ethnic joke - not from me, anyway...

Amazon's latest sampler, Pop Suey, is simply described as "Chinese Music Treats."  I was expecting traditional Chinese music, but I found the tracks on this sampler far more contemporary in nature.  We aren't talking bleeding-edge Western style, by any means--there are a few singer-songwriter selections that would be right at home on American radio 15 years ago--but it's interesting stuff nonetheless.  My FLFs (First Listen Favorites) are Lala Hsu's Riding a White Horse, The Flowers from Fan Fan, and Kenji Wu's Write a Poem for You.

It may not be first on my playlist, but it's definitely worth inclusion in the workday shuffle.  Joe Bob says check it out. Pop Suey - Chinese Music Treats: Various Artists: MP3 Downloads


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