Saturday, August 27, 2011

Beer CAN Aid Your Memory!

As I've been playing with emulators, my knowledge of programming languages has been put to the test.  Sure, many of us can say that we've written code in dozens of languages, but how many of them can we REALLY remember today?  I'll be the first to admit that my recollection of many languages is somewhat fragmented and/or jumbled.

I was looking around for some ALGOL code when I happened across this wonderful resource.  Put simply, it celebrates the "99 bottles of beer" song from our childhood by providing code examples (in 1400+ programming languages!) that print the song in its entirety.  If one stops to think about it, such code must use simple computation, looping/test constructs, and text manipulation; I find reviews of this source code to be a WONDERFUL memory-jogging tool.  For instance, here's the MACRO-10 version I used to test my PDP-10 emulator. Enjoy!

99 Bottles of Beer

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