Monday, December 17, 2012

Today's Random #MPFreebie - Christmas in PDX

It's time for another in my irregular series of free music posts...this time with a regional flavor!

You may not know this, but Portland is home to a sprawling music scene; in fact, it has become so much of a music Mecca that The Oregonian now selects a Top 10 "Portland records" to give local artists their due. (Here's their #1 for 2012.)  You can hear just about anything in Portland, and XO Publicity has been bringing it home at Christmas time for 5 years now.  Each year, they pull together a holiday sampler from among their (rather large) clientele, and it's good stuff; I have found that at least one track from each year's offering has made its way into my 'standard' Christmas playlist.

"XO for the Holidays Volume 5" is no exception.  My First Listen Favorites (FLFs) would have to be Robert Burnham's uptempo White Christmas, the metal-grinding What Child of Magnuson, and Maybe Next Christmas from Blue Skies for Black Hearts.  Your mileage may vary; you'll find a good mix of genres here.

You can grab a copy of the sampler (and, if you're so inclined, its four predecessors in the series - I recommend them!) from the link below.  Time to bulk up your Christmas playlists, folks...

xo publicity - XO for the Holidays Volume 5

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