Saturday, August 11, 2018

First Steps in node.js - Fortune Cookies!

I've been doing a lot of learning around cloud architectures, microservices, and the like, so I thought it was time to start learning JavaScript and node.js.  I started working with IBM's SDK for node.js, but soon learned that IBM has deprecated its proprietary SDK in favor of the community SDKs. I installed the latest/greatest community SDK (v10.8.0) on my Ubuntu Linux system.

Some months ago, I wrote a Twitter bot that delivers a random fortune-cookie quote/saying every 6 hours. (It's @CollectedQuotes, if you'd like to follow it.)  Well, what better example could I adapt as a simple service in node.js?  Here we go, short and sweet (click images to enlarge)...

Here's the source code:

Here's the (very simple) browser page it generates:
Here's the 404 response to any URL request other than the root:
Finally, here's the console log:

It might be clunky, but it works!  If you'd like to play with this, you can download the JavaScript source and the fortune-cookie file.

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Sergey said...

Check out a handy list of famous companies that use node.js in production .