Wednesday, January 11, 2012

First Time at Lotusphere? Take the Newbie Tour!

(The link for this article lists a goodly number of 'unofficial' events taking place during Lotusphere 2012; they're all great, but I'd like to focus on one...)

If you're attending your first Lotusphere, let me warn you now - it can be a daunting experience.  Sessions fly by, one loses track of time in the Product Showcase, vendor receptions abound...but there's one thing (new this year!) that can help you organize your week.

The 2012 Newbie Tour of Lotusphere is a must-do for anyone attending their first (or first in a while) Lotusphere.  Go to the Dolphin Rotunda at 4pm Sunday afternoon.  Find The Turtle.  Take the tour.  That is all.

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