Monday, November 15, 2010

Gurubox: A "Sandbox" Laptop/Toolbox

I am often called upon to visit customer premises for purposes of debugging and/or troubleshooting.  Needless to say, my employer doesn't necessarily like the idea of plugging a "company laptop" into whatever network I may be visiting, and our customers' security folks don't necessarily like the idea of plugging anything "uncontrolled" into their network.  Thus, I'm working on something I'm calling "Gurubox"...something of a traveling toolbox for the network geek.
The basic idea is that I'm running as much open-source and/or freely-available stuff as possible, so that customers' security folks can audit this stuff to their heart's content without being exposed to any of my employer's private/proprietary stuff.  The platform (so far) is Ubuntu Desktop 10.10, and I've already installed:
  • Apache httpd 2.2.17 (HTTP server/proxy server)
  • dante 1.2.2 (SOCKS proxy)
  • squid 3.1.9 (caching proxy server)
  • Wireshark 1.4.1 (network capture/analysis)
  • kismet 2010-07-R1 (802.11 wireless network detector)
  • Zenmap 5.21 (GUI frontend to nmap - network auditing tool/port scanner)
  • Firefox 3.6.12
  • Chrome 7.0.517.44
  • Pidgin 2.7.3 (multi-service IM client)
The question is this - what would YOU add to Gurubox?

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