Monday, November 22, 2010

Gurubox: netactview - A Graphical Network Activity Viewer

During troubleshooting/debugging, it's always useful to know what network connections your system is making (or failing to make, as the case may be).  In the Windows world, I've long used Mark Russinovich's TCPView for this purpose, but I knew of no such tool for Linux.  Well, now there's netactview; it shows all UDP/TCP/UDP6/TCP6 activity and autorefreshes the list.  In a very nice addition for troubleshooters, it displays connections for 3 seconds after they are closed, giving you time to catch those "no answer" SYN_SENT or "I wasn't listening" SYN_RCVD TCP states.  This nice little package should be on every troubleshooter's system.

Net Activity Viewer


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