Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gurubox: An Open-Source Java LDAP Browser

I've used Softerra's LDAP Browser for years; it's an excellent (free) tool, but it's only available for Windows.  For the Gurubox project, I needed a similar package for a Linux platform.  A little digging, and I found JXplorer; this LDAP-browsing tool originated with Computer Associates' eTrust Directory development team, but they've thrown it into the open-source world.  A quick install--plus a few pokes at a public LDAP server (I used me that JXplorer is a great tool for the LDAP detective.  (Did I mention the 100-page user guide?  Or that it "just worked" on both Ubuntu and WindowsXP?)

If you work (or play) with LDAP, this one's worth a look.




NotesSensei said...

Did u have a look at the Eclipse based Apache LDAP studio?

Wes said...

Not's on the list. Thanks!