Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Amazing--and FREE--iPhone/iPad Apps from NASA

Since my 3 high-school children now have iPads (thanks to a school initiative - ours is the first public school in Kentucky to go 1-to-1 with tablets), I've been on the lookout for cool apps with which to feed/supplement their curiosity and interests.  I stumbled across one NASA app in the App Store, then found this list of available NASA apps.  They're all pretty cool, but I REALLY like Visualization Explorer and NASA App HD.  The photography is often stunning and always interesting. Seriously - if you (or your kids) have the slightest interest in earth science or space exploration, get these apps NOW.

NASA - NASA Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

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Sam Sawatzky said...

Thanks Wes

I think they are also available on Android as well