Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Federal Publications - Everything Under the Sun

When I was a kid, I read.  A lot.  Every day.  A big part of that reading came from the Federal Government; not only would I request books from my Congresscritters (remember the Yearbook of Agriculture?  I still have a few of those somewhere...), but I'd check out the Consumer Information Catalog for new pamphlets and fact sheets.  Well, as one might expect, that's all online now, and there's a wealth of information for the asking.  Just looking at the front page of the site shows a fact sheet on stroke, "12 Days of Holiday Tips", a guide to food safety when cooking for groups, and individual/personal financial organization.  You can browse through the site and download many of the publications in PDF format ("Securing Your Wireless Network"? Hmmm...) and order both free and at-cost publications for delivery.  I've found several of these publications to be good introductory info for my kids (or, in some cases, my octogenarian mother).  Check it out; it's a government service that actually works well.

Publications.USA.gov Main Page

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