Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Most Unique Franchise in Professional Sports - the Green Bay Packers?

Sure, they're the reigning Super Bowl champions, but did you know that they're the only non-profit franchise in American professional sports?  In one of those meandering, ten-different-sources-thanks-to-Google reading efforts, I've learned quite a bit about the Packers tonight, and it's actually rather impressive.  I'll hazard the guess that the Packers are unique in professional sport, at least as far as the US market (and model) are concerned.  You should check out the Offering Document for Packers stock, which is available at the first link below; it makes it a point to tell potential "investors" that purchasing stock will NOT result in better seats for home games.  The Forbes article is interesting, simply because we know far more about the Packers' operations than we do about any other NFL team.  If you're a sports fan, or interested in the business side of American sport, it's a good read.

Buy Stock in the Packers

How The Green Bay Packers Became Football's Most Improbable Financial Juggernaut - Forbes

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