Sunday, December 11, 2011

Lotusphere! Lotusphere! Lotusphere!

Yes,it's that time of year again - Lotusphere is in the works!  I'm honored to have been chosen for two presentations to be delivered at Lotusphere 2012:

  • Sametime 8.5.2 Deployment Workshop - We'll review the breadth and depth of Sametime 8.5.2, giving you the information and understanding you need to design and deploy Sametime's collaboration tools in your environment.  This will not be a "how-to-install" session, but rather a "how to THINK about your deployment" session.  It's a 2-hour JumpStart, which will be delivered on Sunday.
  • Wrestling the Snake: An Introduction to Performance Tuning - There's always a lot of talk about "optimizing performance" and "tweaking your config," but one can't always find a good method by which to approach this (somewhat) black art of the system administrator.  We'll talk about how to determine the key performance points in your software architecture, common "red flags" that warn you of system stress points, and assorted other goodies that application-layer folks don't often get to consider.  It's a 1-hour breakout session, whose place in the schedule has yet to be determined.

In addition, I've submitted a few "Birds of a Feather" sessions (BOFs), which are more relaxed (no slides!) 1-hour discussions.  If selected for inclusion by Lotusphere registrants, I'll be hosting "Ask the Network Geek" and "Building a Network Toolkit."  The latter BOF is a new submission; if accepted, I'll be demonstrating various free and/or open-source networking tools I use in my everyday work.  If you're registered for Lotusphere, please consider voting for my BOFs...*grin*

If you're interested in learning more about this fantastic conference, check out the link below...

IBM - Lotusphere 2012 - Overview

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